Dr. Alice Prince is a highly regarded expert in Catholic school education and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Founder of Catholic and Diverse.

With a deep commitment to fostering inclusive environments, Dr. Prince has dedicated her career to promoting cultural understanding, empathy, and respect among students and faculty alike.

Her extensive research and practical experience have positioned her as a leading authority in implementing DEI initiatives within Catholic educational institutions, ensuring that all students receive a transformative and equitable learning experience.

Driven by her faith and a passion for social justice, Dr. Alice Prince continues to empower Catholic schools to embrace diversity, embrace their unique identities, and create inclusive spaces for all students to thrive.


We believe that diversity is an asset and that inclusion, equity, and belonging are essential components of quality education.

We aim to help educators develop strategies to create safe and welcoming learning environments that embrace diversity, promote inclusivity, and foster a sense of belonging for all students.

We offer a range of resources and support to help you integrate these concepts into your classroom and school community. Our curriculum resources provide practical tools and strategies for incorporating diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging into your lesson plans, while our policy resources offer guidance on developing policies that support a more inclusive and equitable school culture.

In addition to our resources, we offer professional development opportunities, including webinars and workshops, to help educators deepen their understanding of these concepts and learn how to implement them effectively. Our community also provides opportunities for educators to connect with one another, share best practices, and collaborate on projects and initiatives that promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in their schools.

We understand that this work is ongoing and requires a commitment to continuous learning and growth. Our community is dedicated to supporting educators on this journey and creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all students. Join us today and be a part of the movement toward a more just and equitable education system.


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